14 March 2016

A new format series for Red Bull, for which we’re filming exciting stories and thrilling events around the world, will air in the second half of 2016.


Producing a brand-new format series held some fantastic experiences in store for us too, and led us to some of the remotest corners of the world. The journey took us as far as the legendary Easter Island with its mystical stone sculptures. As well as the breathtaking backdrop, our cameras captured some fascinating stories and amazing people there to bring back home. Footage from Argentina and Spain is also already in the can, and until summer there are still a few surprises to come, which will reveal unimagined insights into exotic cultures.

We combine Red Bull’s long-established expertise in the worlds of sport, culture and lifestyle with our own flair for interesting stories, to bring our client’s visions to life creatively and professionally – making the new format series a true LEITMOTIF product. Stay tuned – you’ll be glad you did!

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