10 JUNE 2016

Now that the first series of our brand new documentary format is in the can, the episodes will air before the year is out. We took our cameras to some fascinating places around the world to capture unique moments for the new series.

Developing, planning and executing an innovative international TV concept requires a great deal of creativity, hard work and commitment. For a total of five episodes of a new format, we visited various cultures and language areas around the world. There were numerous intercultural challenges to be overcome – sometimes bordering on the impossible. But ultimately the brilliant result proved that all our efforts had been worthwhile. So when the series airs in 2016, viewers can enjoy a vivid and exciting moving-image experience, featuring special people and places, impressive cultures and fascinating stories, and a journey to the remotest corners of the earth.

Right from the word go, we took the creative challenge of this project as an incentive to create something special. And driven by this high standard, we have continued to developed the concept further and we hope the new format gives the viewers as much pleasure as it does us.

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