A new image film for Golfpark Munich-Aschheim

17 December 2016

In November this year we were proud to produce a new image film for the renowned Golfpark Munich-Aschheim. The impressive images perfectly showcase the joy and elegance of the sport – and make you want to pick up a golf club yourself.


The Golfpark Munich-Aschheim is one of the leading clubs in Germany and is highly regarded throughout the country for its excellent promotion of talented young golfers. Alongside potential future stars of the sport, footballers from Bayern Munich like to practise their swing there, as does the odd PGA professional.

As part of a strategic partnership, LEITMOTIF advises and supports the Golfpark in respect of its media positioning and external communications. The new image film is an important milestone, which effectively conveys that in Munich-Aschheim the pleasure of playing golf has top priority. We already have further exciting projects in the pipeline for 2017, which will also involve the latest technology such as virtual and augmented reality.

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